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Occasionally, my guests write in to tell me how much they enjoyed our special trip:

April ‘10: Craig,

Thanks for your spectular tour of the beautiful Blue Mountains region. Don & I felt like we got a look into the Australia that few tourists ever get to see, we learned a great deal of your  history, the hard work of the miners and early settlers, and the views were breathtaking....

Thanks again for taking care of us, and please pass on to your pals at the Royal Hotel a special thank you for returning my gear. That was a show of the hospitality and special character of the folks in the Australia, a truly grateful & kind act of humanity.

Again, thank you for your excellent tour and great time in New South Wales, Your American friends, John & Don.



September ‘08

Thanks again for a wonderful day in the Blue Mountains. It was one of the highlights of our trip to Australia, right up there with Ayers Rock!!! Your knowledge of the area is awesome! We wouldn't have seen as much in 3 days on our  own!

Alex C. - U.K. (Have attached some photos)


July ‘08

Hi Craig, We wish to thank you for the awesome adventure we had up to Barrington (Tops)! Your knowledge of the area and the local history was really interesting. The scenery and forests were wonderful.

Claire from New Zealand.


March ‘07

We had a wonderful day and really enjoyed ourselves. We learned a number of new things about Australia and the Hunter area. It was a delightful day.

Ken, from Holland




Happy New Year to you. We hope you have a very successful 2006.

We got back from our visit to Australia at the beginning of December and the day with you in the Blue  Mountains really was a highlight of the trip  and we would happily recommend you to anybody else who asked our  advice.

We took dozens of photos but have  only just got round to sorting them out; you asked us to send you any that we thought were worthwhile and here are a few - you took the one of us, so I  include it to remind you who we are!

All the best to you,

Nick and Janet Cane (nick.cane@holybourne.com)


7/12/05 Craig,

Many thanks for taking us around Hunter Valley last week. It was a  very enjoyable, informative and relaxing trip through some great countryside...and vineyards.

Thanks again, Andrew Keating.

Senior Vice President -  Investments, Citibank


25/4/05 Craig

Pauline and I have returned to the U.K. today from a splendid trip to Oz made  even more enjoyable by the fantastic day we had with you in the Blue Mountains when your knowledge of the region really made the day a wonderful experience for  us both.

Kind regards, David and Pauline Bettles



We are just now getting used to being home again after the best vacations we have had.  We had a good time in New Zealand but nothing compares to the absolutely wonderful 6 days in Sydney.  Ariel & I are at a loss of words to express our appreciation to you for such a great experience. Your truly well-thought out tours, comfortable Range Rover, your love for your country and your knowledge of the history and environment of all the sights made our vacation much worthwhile.  Also please give our best to Mark and Liz. Our candlelight dinner at her lovely and charming home are vivid in our memories.  We wish the best of success in the new year and want you to know we have shared your brochure with a bunch of friends and I am sure you will get some reservations from this part of the world very soon.

Take care, Helen & Ariel, San Juan



“We have all arrived back in England now and the cold reality of the daily grind is hitting us!! We all loved our trip to Australia and your overnight tour was a highlight for everyone in the group. We loved seeing the wildlife and scenery at Barrington Tops and enjoyed tasting the beautiful wines, particularly in the smaller vineyards!!

Your flexibility was particularly important to us and it meant that everyone got to do something that they enjoyed. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who is going to Australia and should we return, we would love to go on another tour with you.”

All the best, L & H et al. UK.



“We really enjoyed the tour with you and left a lot of brouchures with our  hotel in Sydney, The Hyde Park Inn, we also talked to the staff there. Our Leisure department here in Stockholm have your contact details and information for our clients travelling to Sydney. We hope to bring you some clients in the future, your concept is really good and your  knowledge of the area a real asset. We wish you well and thank you again for an unforgettable tour.”

Best regards / Med vänlig hälsning,

Annika Henrikson, Tariff Specialist, BTI Nordic Fares and Ticketing Centre, Box 139, 101 22 Stockholm



Hi Craig,

Has it been a month already since our visit? It seems like yesterday. Your Hunter Valley driver Rob was fantastic!  We could have spent the whole day just listening to him tell stories about Aboriginal folklore and recite Australian ballads. They really whetted our appetite to explore the Outback on our next trip. Lunch was fabulous – we loved having the opportunity to task a sampling of Australian food, not to mention good wine as well. This trip was a bit more relaxing (or was that the wine?) than the Blue Mountain tour, but just as enjoyable.  It definitely had its own personality.

We have highly recommended you to a couple of groups of people who are traveling your way. I told them that our trips with Bush Track Tours were one of the highlights of our visit Down Under.  Jeff and I will be contacting you when we return – hope you are conducting some Outback tours by then.

Have a good one – and good luck with the business,




“We are back home now and unpacked, with life returning to the normal grinds of work and school.  However, our hearts are still firmly planted in Australia, a country we truly fell in love with.

Thanks again so much for sharing your love of the Blue Mountains with us. We will always look at the pictures we took during our drive and remember the day we spent with you and know that some day we will be back to visit again!”

S.V. Portland, Oregon, USA



Just a few words to say how much we enjoyed our three days with you, your encyclopaedic knowledge of the Blue Mountains, excellent driving and quality transport made the three days highly memorable, it was truly fantastic. I have attached a sample of some of the photographs I took on the trip, but the camera and my photographic skills do not do justice to the beauty and majesty of this wonderful area. I am not sure about A. with his vertigo, but I will certainly return another time.

Many thanks and best regards,

P.T., UK



“I would like to thank you for making our day such an enjoyable one. My friends enjoyed every minute of it, and most of it was really due to you. You really good at your job...”

J. South Africa



“My family and I would like to express our gratitude to you for giving us such a unique look into the Australian countryside. The combination of the comfortable Range Rover and your wonderful, knowledgeable commentary made for a most enjoyable 4 days. We appreciated seeing almost all the wildlife NSW has to offer, including the cameo by the goanna on the last day! Once again, thanks very much.”

M. C. - Canada



“Hey! We just wanted to tell you that our Australia-trip is over, and we're back home again. And the best part was absolutely the daytour in the Blue Mountains! All those nice and quiet places are excellent! And Hatters Hideout was also a very nice experience, and listening to Mark and his stories was very interesting. Please send our best to Mark! So we will definately recommend a tour like that for other people. Anyway, if you ever happen to travel to Norway, be sure to visit a small mountain not far from us (middle of Norway), called "Torghatten". It has a huge hole, straight through it. You can find more about it here:


That's all, again; We had a really nice time in the Blue Mountains”


T. B. and G. L., Norway



Had an awesome time in the Hunter Valley and the surrounding mountains! Our tour guide, Craig, was funny, knowledgable, and courteous. His Range Rover was great, the food was better, and the interaction with the wildlife as well as the locals was the best of all!  Would recommend to anyone (and already have) the Aussie Assist Australian experience!

-Ryan, Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA


Had an awesome time in the Hunter Valley and the surrounding mountains! Our tour guide, Craig, was funny, knowledgable, and courteous. His Range Rover was great, the food was better, and the interaction with the wildlife as well as the locals was the best of all!  Would recommend to anyone (and already have) the Aussie Assist Australian experience!

-Ryan, Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA


26/9/02: Dear Craig.

On behalf of my family, I must thank you for your kind hospitality & efforts during our guided bushtracktour of the Great North Road, Wisemans Ferry and the Hunter Valley vineyards.

We enjoyed the morning coffee breaks & the sumptuous lunch hosted by Di especially the fresh salmon & the fresh country air on your land rovers.

Thank you for the bushtracktour.

We shall certainly recommend your unique, interesting & informative bushtracktour to our other family members, friends & colleagues.

F. Lee, Singapore


25/7/02: Dear Craig,

“We had such an enjoyable time on our tour with you into the Hunter Valley. I think of Australia all the time and often wonder when I will be making it back. Rest assured, when the time comes I will give you a ring as I would love to have you as a guide through the beautiful Blue Mountains!”

Hope you are keeping well, S.D. Prague


24/7/02: Dear Craig

"Married to an Italian flight attendant, I travel to most places in the world and the excursions I do tend to all merge together after a while. This won't be the case with my trip to the Blue Mountains with you. A simply wonderful day - relaxed, interesting, informative - well worth the time and money”.

Thanks. J.D. Sicily


11/7/02 Hi Craig,

“Well I'm back on American soil and missing Australia already.....It was great fun meeting you. Hope you had fun with all of us and thanks again for the great tour.

regards, J. NJ, USA


11/7/02 Hi Craig,

“K, J and I want to thank you for a great day trip to the Blue Mountains. You gave us so much more information and background than any other type of tour would have given us. One can see that you really love mother nature and enjoy sharing it with others. Our pictures came back yesterday (we returned back to the US on 4 July) and the ones in the Blue Mountains are wonderful.

By the way - what was the name of the white wine you brought that day?  If you could send the name on to me, I will see if it is imported over here.

Craig, thanks again for a great day! I will be sure to pass your name along to other interested travellers!”

C VanD, K and J F, USA


19/4/02 Hi Craig,

“I don't know if you remember us, but we were some of the Danes following the ‘Convict Trail’ with you in February - and it was great, great, great - You might remember the spider over Harbour Bridge!!?? We started with adventure all right!!

Well the reason I am writing you now, is that I finally contacted the Danish travelling agency as we said we would, I hope they will contact you soon, they are situated in the second largest city in Denmark which is called Aarhus, and JSB is known as a very good, less expensive travelagency, with offers for every kind of traveller but not least the more adventurous ones. I hope you get the contacts you want otherwise mail me again and I will contact some other agencies for you!!”

All the best H and H, Denmark


19/3/02 Hi Craig,

“I have spent the last hour browsing your various (web)sites and figured I would drop you a quick line to say 'hello'. I must say, the sites are inviting - particularly as I look out the window at the freshly fallen snow - does not measure up to the beautiful weather we experienced for our trip to Hunter Valley. Winter has given us an unfriendly reminder that spring is still another two days away!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know again how much we enjoyed our trip to the Hunter Valley region. In the words of my brother Carl, our excursion was "the highlight of the trip!" You are truly a wealth of knowledge and delightful company. I will definitely keep you in mind for our future visits. If you ever journey to the eastern part of the States, you'll have to look us up!

We were fortunate enough to catch The Rabbit Proof Fence and to purchase The Fatal Shore before leaving Sydney. Both were great recommendations - thanks! A. and I have just finished sharing our photos from the trip. We have some good ones from our day trip that I will attempt to send to you electronically in the near future. Hope you are well.

Thanks again for everything! Best Regards, S DeF. USA


12/3/02, Dear Craig,

“Having returned now to the UK, this is just a quick note to thank you for the really enjoyable days out and around Sydney.

Your relaxed but well-informed and expert approach, made the time with bushtracktours.com really enjoyable.”

M.J.R. Rolls Royce, Bristol, U.K.


12/2/02 Hi Craig,

“Thanks for the great tour back in January. Let me know if you ever need a referral from an American.”

I hope all is well. Regards, A. L. USA


6/1/02: published in a Danish travel magazine:

“My husband and I have travelled around Australia three times. We have had many magnificent experiences, that we will never forget. One of them was our tour to the old goldmining town of Hill End, with Craig Marshall, Bush Track Tours. We drove through the most beautiful areas of the Macquarie and Turon rivers, by the old aboriginal - and convict trails, with the rivers far beneath. We ourselves felt the historic stir, when we were panning for gold. It was an adventure.”

H and K. Denmark.

Looking foward to seeing you aboard!

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